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Paragon GeoImmigration is excited that we are a shortlisted nominee for:
Immigration Provider of the Year
by The Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards 2014 (The EMMAs).
Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on September 18th.

Paragon GeoImmigration streamlines the global immigration process by combining expert resources with advanced technology. Around the globe, companies and individuals benefit from our knowledgeable team and efficient service.

  • Our Advantage:
    We are the only relocation service provider in the industry to offer this as a fully integrated service and an extension of our relocation practice. Paragon GeoImmigration is headed by an onsite immigration lawyer with years of experience managing complex immigration cases. Our process is seamless because we eliminate one layer of management for you and your transferring employee. Instead of coordinating service through an outside company, Paragon's dedicated GeoImmigration Consultants support you and your transferring employees throughout the entire process.

  • Global Expertise:
    Our worldwide network of immigration experts are rigorously screened with regard to their experience, credentials and customer service standards. Our goal is to work with the best of the best in every market around the world. We have Service Level Agreements in place with each service provider we use and a stringent set of Key Performance Indicators that ensure consistency in service and process.

  • 24x7 Access and Reporting:
    Through our secure portal, we can offer you and your transferring employee up-to-date information regarding the status of their case file anywhere, anytime. This provides an unmatched level of transparency in your employees' process. In addition, we also offer customizable, client-directed reporting of all transferee information at no additional cost.

  • Competitive Pricing:
    Paragon GeoImmigration's fixed fee pricing offers affordability and cost savings in comparison to the big name providers along with a higher level of customer service and support.
Area Visa Type Cost Savings*
Brazil Vitem V visa + RNE + workbook 11%
China Employment Licence + Z visa + medical check + Work Permit + Residence Permit 35%
Germany Visa + work/residence permit + tax card + local registration 21%
South Africa Intracompany Transfer Work Permit 11%
United States L-1 visa 17%
Average Savings 19%

*Cost savings based on comparing PGI fees to average competitor fees as of August 2011

Let Paragon GeoImmigration show you that bigger is not always better!

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